"I'm here to bridge the gap between your first dream and your first dollar"


Life Coaching 

Coaching is a helpful way to develop yourself as a person + work through life changes + live a more focused and fulfilled life. Coaching is helping you learn instead of telling you what to do. In our sessions we will identify your goals and obstacles, find solutions, focus on your overall success, and celebrate your efforts. My expertise is in business, counseling, management, health, leadership, mindset, leadership, and social media. Whether you’re wanting to launch a business, grow an existing business, excel at work/school, build a brand, or work on your personal life/finances, I have a program specifically for you! Confidence, success, wealth, and a brand new healthy lifestyle are inevitable outcomes of this program!


Are you ready to launch your new business or take your existing business to the next level?! In my 1:1 business coaching program you'll  learn my top business strategies including marketing (social media, email, etc), team training, official launching, pricing, live video, content planning, and MUCH more! 

I launched my very first business at age 21 and it has remained successful over the years. My passion is to teach others how to successfully launch their businesses and guide my clients in the right direction for exponential growth! We will work on your money mindset along with all of the technical stuff! Even if you don't know what type of business you want to start, I'm here to help with that too!

You'll also get web design + social media audit/training + email automation are included in this amazing package!


Social Media Training 

Confused about social media and how you can use it in your business? My 1-1 coaching provides you with the clarity and action steps to build a marketing plan that produces truly amazing results!

These training sessions are for entrepreneurs who want to understand more about social media marketing and how to incorporate it into their business  plans. You'll get to pick my brain and together we'll set out to clearly define your target audience and business purpose while learning to communicate that purpose through social media! In addition, we'll cover content and marketing strategies specific to your ultimate business goals. Click SHOP to book your social media strategy session today!


Website & Content

A sharp, clean, and attractive website can set you and your business apart from the rest! I will help you create a unique and attractive website that represents YOU and what your business stands for while also teaching you how to update and manage the site. I learned how to design websites all on my own so that I could help others create their brand without having to over charge for this service. All that you have to do is provide me with your vision and I will make it happen! I'm also able to launch your website within one week of payment! Your monthly domain charges to the site platform are included in the price as well. Feel free to send me your vision and ask any questions you may have.  


Leadership Coaching 

As a leader I know the struggles all to well. Am I doing what I should be? Am I failing my team? How do I grow my relationships with my team/employees? How do I motivate them? You name it, I've been there! Your solution is my one-on-one leadership coaching sessions. Together, we will address issues, set goals, and implement strategies which lead to solutions. You can be open and honest with me about your struggles as a leader and I will share some of my experiences with you. Being a leader is one of the most important and fulfilling titles that you can possess and it's important to lead your team in the right direction. Let's face it, you can't pour from an empty cup! Your team's success starts with YOU! 

Team Training 

My leadership coaching program helps you develop as a LEADER, however, I have found that sometimes your team just needs to hear things from a different perspective. They've heard you over and over and they need someone new to come in and give them the fire that they've been missing! These training sessions are held via Zoom or Facebook live where I will share my story, focus on a training topic of your choice, and answer any questions that your team may have. I'm very excited to help teach and inspire your team! Hit the button below to pick your date!



Are you an entrepreneur who just needs the co-sign of someone with a big following? You just need someone to say "YES! This product is amazing!" Before I learned how to really grow my following, I use to have the same problem! I'm offering to be a product tester for your brand. I will use the products and advertise them on my social media platforms. I will give my honest feedback of them, or if you offer some type of service I will simply place it on my profiles for you. For more information, book a FREE consultation today! 


Guest Speaking/Seminar services are available upon request. I'm willing to travel + do online live speaking events on any of the above topics!