How Do You Do It??


We all wear multiple hats. Between parenting, school, work, running business, growing tiny humans, keeping these humans alive, having to remember to shower and feed ourselves, and trying to run off of zero sleep while also trying not to completely lose our shit.. it's hard!

If I can do these things. So can you! Yes, it's hard sometimes, but completely doable when you keep the following in mind...


I'll say this over and over. The most important thing is to give yourself grace! You can do anything but you can't do everything! This means taking time for yourself + not being hard on yourself... you're doing the best that you can! Now, I'm not going to tell you to get a schedule, that's a joke and we all know it. But I will say that you need to PRIORITIZE. What needs to be done? Work, bathing/feeding the kids (and yourself), school, grocery runs, kids activities, etc. So now, get organized with these things. The small things that you don't think matter...matter! For example, choose a specific day to run your errands and run them at once. If you have a dr appointment Wednesday, go ahead and go to the grocery store, pickup household items, pay a bill, go to the post office, etc. I'm not the only one who hops in the car to run a quick errand only to realize that I have 9 miles to empty (FML!) So fill your tank up when you get gas to cut out extra stops (it's also better for your car). 

Now that we've given ourselves grace and gotten organized, remember that it's okay to ask for help! You're entitled to help from your spouse, family, and friends. They love you and they're here to support you even if you don't see it that way. Just having someone ride with you to run your errands will cut out the stress of having to drag the kids into the store with you when all you need is toilet paper. If your kids are old enough, make them help. Make it fun for them to help with cleaning, carrying groceries in, and entertaining siblings. 

If you're in school, find the best time to do your work; for me it's night time and I make sure that everything else is done before bedtime, otherwise it has to wait until the next day because school is important. Keep a calendar and/or alarms to remind you of due dates and to do lists. 

Next, lower your expectations! Sometimes the kids won't have a bath and they'll eat cereal for dinner.. it's okay! They won't die! I also suggest some serious GIRL TIME! We can all relate to one another and it always helps to vent and know that you're not alone in your struggles. On the same note, don't forget to reward yourself for all that you do.. Cheers to keeping the kids alive today! lol but seriously.. spa day, dinner/drinks, etc. It's necessary. Self care is the most important thing here. Say "if I can finish up everything on my to-do list today then I'm going to have a girl's night this weekend". It feels good to feel accomplished!

This will be your favorite tip. Sometimes you just need a fucking nap! Excuse my language, but it's that serious! Sometimes you just need to stop everything and take some time to rest and reset. It's okay and I encourage doing it frequently. 

I hope these tips help you realize that you're a badass and you can do anything that you set your mind to! Remember that you are EXACTLY where you need to be and God wouldn't give you more than you could handle <3