Launch Your Empire!


You've been thinking about launching a business but the time and effort that it takes is just overwhelming right?! Well, I started my first business as a 21 year old mom of two and it's the best thing I've ever done! Below are some of my BEST tips for launching empire!

Consider it Biz 101!

  • The first step is finding what you're good at, what you enjoy doing, and what you often help others with. Mix that with a little direction and planning then BOOM! You've got yourself a business. It's really not as difficult as most make it seem and the return on your investment is well worth the work that you put in!

  • Next, answer these questions:

    • What are my long and short term goals?

    • Who do I want to appeal to?

    • What are my values?

    • What do I want people to remember me for?

    • What sets me apart from others who offer this service? 

    • What problem do I want to help others solve?

    • What is going to make me feel fulfilled?

    • How will I feel when I serve these people? Is it fulfilling? Does it come easy to you?

    • Which platforms will you use? Facebook, Instagram, Website, Snapchat, etc. 

  • Target Audience: Who do I specifically want to serve? Who is buying my product or service? (I offer a specific social media training where I'll show you how to appeal to this specific market! Click the button for info)

  • Pricing: Go with your gut + know your worth

  • Lastly, If you don't know, hire a coach! I offer an amazing one-on-one program that helps you dig deep and answer all of these questions!

Now here is the magic secret! Are you ready????

There's no such thing as perfection so JUST DO IT! The biggest mistake that I see entrepreneurs make is being stuck in the planning phase and never getting started!

Now that you have all of the steps + the magic secret... are you ready?! Comment below, email me, or contact me on social media and show me your answers!


I Need More Followers...HELP!!!


How in the world did I get to 20k+ followers in less than a year?! I'm giving you my exclusive + never before publicly shared tips!

  • It starts with your profile and bio
    • people are buying you
    • don't be scared to brag on yourself in your bio
  • Post clean and quality posts multiple times per day
  • Utilize every new feature that social networks offer (stories, reactions, sharing, live, etc) this will boost your engagement
  • Personal vs Business page (this depends on what you're doing)
  • Relate to people- don't just post your business, show people the real you (your family, selfies, quotes that you like, and what you're doing)
  • Alternate your posts (ex: selfie, quote, product/service, kids, food, selfie, something you're interested in, product/service, quote, kids, tips, etc) 
  • Follow people! the more people you follow, the more followers you'll gain
  • Use an unfollow app- you can only follow 7500 people so you'll want to have a list of those not following you back so that you can unfollow them
  • Use hashtags to find people who have similar interests as you
  • Interaction! like, react, comment compliments and questions
  • Set alarms to build the habit of posting, following, and interacting 

Holy shit right?! Most people don't even think about some of these things. Even if you don't run a business you can still grow your followers by simply following this blog! If you're needing a social media training click the Services section and book a free consultation!