I Need More Followers...HELP!!!


How in the world did I get to 20k+ followers in less than a year?! I'm giving you my exclusive + never before publicly shared tips!

  • It starts with your profile and bio
    • people are buying you
    • don't be scared to brag on yourself in your bio
  • Post clean and quality posts multiple times per day
  • Utilize every new feature that social networks offer (stories, reactions, sharing, live, etc) this will boost your engagement
  • Personal vs Business page (this depends on what you're doing)
  • Relate to people- don't just post your business, show people the real you (your family, selfies, quotes that you like, and what you're doing)
  • Alternate your posts (ex: selfie, quote, product/service, kids, food, selfie, something you're interested in, product/service, quote, kids, tips, etc) 
  • Follow people! the more people you follow, the more followers you'll gain
  • Use an unfollow app- you can only follow 7500 people so you'll want to have a list of those not following you back so that you can unfollow them
  • Use hashtags to find people who have similar interests as you
  • Interaction! like, react, comment compliments and questions
  • Set alarms to build the habit of posting, following, and interacting 

Holy shit right?! Most people don't even think about some of these things. Even if you don't run a business you can still grow your followers by simply following this blog! If you're needing a social media training click the Services section and book a free consultation!